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Staff List and Emails

Angela Landy, Principal --------------------------------- [email protected]

Ashley Trombetta, Secretary---------------------------- [email protected]

Amy Taylor 8th grade Math------------------------------ [email protected]

Chris Bean 6th, 7th, 8th grades SPED--------------- [email protected]

Phil Purcell 7th grade Math----------------------------- [email protected]

Erik Peterson Resource 6th,7th,8th grades-------- [email protected]

Sarah Bourque 6th grade Math/Science------------ [email protected]

Jessie Hobba 8th grade Science---------------------- [email protected]

Rachel Whitaker 7th grade Science------------------ [email protected]

Krystal Masinter 6th/8th grade ELA------------------ [email protected]

Lisa Berrett 7th grade ELA----------------------------- [email protected]

Gabe Kelly 6th/8th grade S.S. ------------------------ [email protected]

Ann Youmans 7th/8th grade S.S.--------------------- [email protected]

Anson Smith 6th grade ELA & S.S.------------------ [email protected]

Melissa Cherry Music------------------------------------ [email protected]