8th Grade Parent meeting

Dear 8th Grade Parents:

The 8th grade graduation parent meeting is scheduled for January 22nd, at 6P.M. Below are the activities parents organize and sponsor. 


Overview of Graduation Activities/Events sponsored by parents:

Each year, the parents of our 8th graders sponsor the spaghetti dinner and raffle held on the same night as Open House (April 4th this year). There are usually two committees for this:

  • Dinner committee– they work to procure donations for the dinner which consists of spaghetti, salad, bread and a beverage.  They also get the plates, forks, napkins, cups, etc. and create a schedule of workers for prepping and serving.
  • Raffle committee– they solicit and coordinate the donations for the raffle and silent auction

This event is very important as the money raised supports the events that surround graduation in June.


Camp Bauer – we do not take an out of town trip with our students.  In June, we have a big picnic day at Camp Bauer in Korbel. There is a large, beautiful picnic area there. The students engage in games and activities, have a barbeque and enjoy one another’s company. 

  • The school provides the basics for the BBQ (hamburgers, cheese, garden burgers, a fruit or vegetables, chips, milk). Parents usually supplement with snacks available throughout the day, etc.
  • Games and activities are planned by the parents.  The staff helps to facilitate the games out at the picnic area.


Graduation ceremony – We have our ceremony at the community center by Healthsport. Parents arrange for decorations (usually with the Party Place).  They come and set up, but we have to help clean up and take the balloon standards back the next day. Decorations are not complicated and are done in SBMS colors (Red, white, black)

  • Graduation picture is taken, but that is already established
  • Graduation slide show – we  need someone to take this on this year


Graduation dance – A SECRET theme is determined.   They don’t find out until arrival at the dance and this is VERY IMPORTANT!  The committee works to secure the plan for decorating our cafeteria, the materials, the people power, etc.

  • There is also a person that secures the music – DJ
  • Frequently there is a photo booth that someone secures
  • There is a small food committee to plan and serve the food during the dance


We need parents to help with all of the above.  Frequently there is a smaller group that takes on the leadership role, but then many parents tend to step up and help with the specifics of making it all come together.  The general group meets monthly, but individual committees tend to get together outside of those meetings and then report back to the group at our general meetings.  We try to keep our general meetings to 1 hour.


I hope to see you on January 22nd. Thank you for all of your support.